Arrow 5x3 Versa-Shed Locking Horizontal Shed Kit - Onyx

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Arrow 5'W x 3'D Versa-Shed Locking Horizontal Storage Shelter - Onyx (model EVRS53)

A multi-purpose horizontal storage shelter that's ideal for refuse and recycling bins, small garden tools and supplies, outdoor gear, and more!
The Versa Shed is the perfect compact, outdoor storage solution. With it's practical self-balancing lid, it is easy to open and offers two access points to your stored items. Ideal for storing compact garbage and recycling cans up to 37.5 in. high, 18.5 in. wide, and 22.5 in long to keep them out of sight and tucked away in an attractive storage unit.

Material: Galvanized Steel 
Color: Onyx 
Total Storage Area: 9.25 sq.ft 
Total Storage Volume: 36.008 cu.ft 
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 56.5"W x 29.63"D x 50.25"H 
Assembled Interior Dimensions: 52.25"W x 25.5"D x 48.25"H 
Door Opening Width Top: 42"W 
Door / Entrance Width Bottom: 42"W
Door / Entrance Height Outside: 42.5"W
Wall Height: 45.5ft 
Warranty: 12 year limited

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